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Truth on Trial: War Crimes and Whistleblowers

In just a matter of days the first person will face trial in relation to Australian war crimes in Afghanistan. It is David McBride, the whistleblower who will be on trial, not an alleged war criminal.

On the eve of David McBride’s trial, a distinguished panel of experts will discuss what’s stake, what it says that whistleblower not a war criminal is facing trial, and the right to truth and accountability when whistleblowers are facing prosecution.

Join Rex Patrick, Former Senator and ‘Transparency Warrior’, Hadi Marifat, Director and co-founder of the Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization, Rawan Arraf, Executive Director of the Australian Centre for International Justice, Kieran Pender, senior lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre, Sharara Attai, Executive Director of the Islamophobia Register Australia, as they discuss what happens when truth goes on trial.

Register for the Zoom link here.

November 10, 2023
12:30pm - 1:30pm