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Contact Your MP

Thank you for taking action to support whistleblowers.

The Federal Labor Government promised better protections for whistleblowers. But two whistleblowers – David McBride and Richard Boyle – still face jail for telling the truth, with the Attorney General refusing to use his powers to drop the prosecutions.

Both whistleblowers have faced years of uncertainty and hardship. David McBride is currently awaiting his sentence, while Richard Boyle is still waiting to find out if our whistleblower laws will protect him from prosecution.

Right now, our MPs need to hear that their communities expect our representatives to ensure whistleblowers are protected, not punished.

For every person who gets in touch with their local MP about an issue, MPs assume there's many, many more in the community who feel the same way and are demanding action. Your action today is powerful.

Will you help ramp up the political pressure during this critical time by contacting your local MP and asking they support whistleblowers?