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Chip in to help fund urgent polling!

Since whistleblower David McBride was imprisoned just weeks ago, public support for better whistleblower protections has never been stronger.

Despite this, Prime Minister Albanese remains silent.

So we have a plan to shine the spotlight on not only his silence, but his hypocrisy too. Already, we've managed to get a full page ad in this week's The Saturday Paper, timed with the parliamentary sitting week and the five year anniversary of the 2019 raids on the ABC over the Afghan Files.

But we need cold, hard numbers to demonstrate that staying silent on whistleblowers like David McBride will result in a political price at the ballot box.

Can you chip in to urgent polling that will demonstrate growing public support for whistleblowers?




David McBride has just been sentenced to more than five years in jail for leaking documents to journalists. These documents formed the basis of The Afghan Files, a 2017 ABC investigation that revealed allegations of misconduct by Australian special forces in Afghanistan, including possible unlawful killings. McBride had earlier spoken up internally and to oversight bodies.

McBride is the first person jailed in relation to war crimes in Afghanistan.

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