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Can you chip in to get this ad printed?

Next Tuesday, whistleblower David McBride will find out if he goes to jail – the exact same day as the Federal Budget.

It's perfect timing for Albanese, who will be hoping McBride’s fate – and his government’s role in it – will be overshadowed by budget news and analysis.

We need to ensure the cost of whistleblower prosecutions – both financial and democratic – cuts through the noise.

If enough people chip in, we’ll put this ad where it can’t be ignored. As politicians, commentators, economists, and journalists open their copy of The Australian Financial Review on Tuesday morning, they’ll be reminded of the Federal Government’s true priorities.

Ad space in The Australian Financial Review isn’t cheap and we only have seven days to make it happen.

Can you chip in to help get 👇this ad👇 printed?

Mockup of ad displaying government costs of whistleblower prosecutions totalling over $8m

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