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ATTORNEY GENERAL: Drop the prosecution of whistleblower Richard Boyle

Tax office whistleblower Richard Boyle has just lost a critical legal appeal, meaning he will now face trial for telling the truth.

Richard Boyle is being prosecuted after blowing the whistle on unethical debt recovery practices at the Australian Taxation Office and has been vindicated by several independent inquiries. Despite this, he faces years in jail.

It's cold-hard proof that the laws meant to protect whistleblowers are broken. They failed war crimes whistleblower David McBride who is now in prison. And now they're failing Richard Boyle.

The Attorney General has acknowledged the laws do not work. Now, he must use his power to drop the prosecution against Richard Boyle before he goes to trial and fix the broken laws once and for all.

Once before, intense public pressure forced the Attorney General to drop an unjust prosecution. Now, we need him to do it again.

✍️Can you take a few moments to call on Attorney General Mark Dreyfus to drop the prosecution against Richard Boyle?